08 September, 2019

WhatsApp For iOS To Soon Offer Support For Audio Playback In Notifications

WhatsApp Business beta for iOS is also eligible to remotely get the feature. Similarly, WhatsApp Messenger and Business 2.19.90 App Store iOS releases will also soon get the feature. For users who have already updated to the recent iOS version, they can spot the feature by backing up their chat history and reinstalling WhatsApp. This is because with every reinstall of the app, you always get the latest configurations and features automatically updated. However, this feature will be rolled out to everyone only once WhatsApp is done fully-developing the feature.

Now in case you’re wondering if you could also reply back with voice notes via notifications, then it’s currently not possible and you can only reply back to the voice messages via text. Also, WhatsApp will not send the play receipt to the sender if you only play the voice note via notifications.

WhatsApp earlier also announced another update for Android users called ‘Consecutive Voice Messages’ which is a playback feature for voice messages. This feature was also initially available on WhatsApp for iOS where it allowed users to listen to consecutive voice messages in a row, removing the need for manually playing a voice message. Given that WhatsApp has over a billion users worldwide, these updates that are centered around user benefits add more to the excitement.

07 September, 2019

Parts of Wikipedia offline after cyber attack

Popular online reference website Wikipedia went down in several countries after the website was targeted by what it described as a "malicious attack".

The server of the Wikimedia Foundation, which hosts the site, suffered a "massive" Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, the organization's German account said in a tweet 

In a separate statement the Wikimedia Foundation said that the attack on the Wikipedia online encyclopedia -- one of the world's most popular websites -- was "ongoing" and teams were working to restore access.

DDoS attacks often involve legions of zombie computers -- machines infected with viruses and commanded to simultaneously visit a website.

Such a massive onslaught of demand can overwhelm website computer servers, slowing service or knocking them offline.Wikipedia condemned the breach of its server, saying it threatened "everyone's fundamental rights to freely access and share information."

Apple’s 2020 iPhones are reportedly getting an all-new design

We’re still days away from the reveal of Apple’s iPhone 11 lineup, but rumors are already swirling about the company’s 2020 phones, which are still a full year away. The latest comes from the reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims in his latest research notes that next year’s phones will feature an all-new design, the first since the 2017’s iPhone X overhaul, via 9to5Mac.

Per Kuo’s note, the 2020 iPhone lineup will feature three major changes: “(1) all-new form factor design, (2) 5G support, and (3) camera function upgrades.” Some of these, like 5G support, were known; Kuo had already noted earlier this year that Apple would be bringing 5G to all three of main iPhone models next year, and something as vague as “camera function upgrades” is practically a given for any iPhone release.

But the new design would be significant since Apple has greatly slowed down the rate at which it introduces new form factors. The company originally released devices in a tick-tock cycle, with a major redesign one year, followed by a refinement of that design — the “S” year — the next, but recently that pace has slowed. The iPhone 6 design lasted a full four years, appearing on the 6, the 6S, the 7, and the 8.